About Christy's Pet Care

Christy's Pet Care, nestled in the heart of Tarzana, CA, presents itself as a beacon of hope for pet owners seeking an alternative to the traditional kennel experience. With an emphasis on providing a personalized touch, Christy's service aims to ensure that pets are not just cared for but also cherished during their owner's absence.

One of the most striking aspects of Christy's Pet Care is the commitment to in-home services. This approach addresses a fundamental need for pets to remain within the comfort and familiarity of their own environment. Christy's thorough portfolio-making process, which includes gathering detailed instructions for feeding, exercise, and medication administration, speaks volumes about the meticulous attention to detail and the bespoke nature of the service provided.

What sets Christy's Pet Care apart in the bustling pet sitting industry is the owner's flexibility with scheduling and rates. This flexibility, rooted in a genuine love for animals, is a testament to Christy's prioritization of animal welfare over profit. The service offerings range from pet sitting and dog walking to overnight care, with prices starting at $35 for a 30-45 minute visit, striking a balance between affordability and quality care.

Testimonials from satisfied clients form the backbone of Christy's reputation. Customers rave about the reliability and professional demeanor of the service, with many highlighting the peace of mind they experience knowing their pets are in good hands. These personal endorsements, coupled with Christy's certification in Pet CPR and membership with the Pet Sitters Assoc, LLC, lend credibility and trust to her services.

However, while the praises are consistent, potential customers might miss a deeper insight into the operational aspects of the business, such as the specific training of staff members or the exact protocols followed during visits. Such information could further solidify the trust between Christy's Pet Care and its clientele.

In an industry that often leans heavily on the emotional bond between sitter and pet, Christy's Pet Care distinguishes itself by offering not just a service, but an experience that is both intimate and professional. The testimonials and the company's approach to pet care suggest a business that understands and values the unique personalities and needs of each animal it looks after.

In conclusion, Christy's Pet Care appears to be a solid choice for pet owners seeking individualized care for their furry family members. The blend of personal attention, professional service, and a clear love for animals makes it a standout option for those who prefer their pets to remain in the safety and comfort of their own home while they are away.

Products and Services

Christy's Pet Care offers a personalized and flexible in-home pet care service that prioritizes the individual needs and welfare of pets, providing owners with a trusted and caring alternative to traditional kennel boarding.

Pet Sitting

Personalized care at the client's home, including feeding, exercise, medication administration, and emergency planning.

Overnight Care

In-home overnight pet care ensuring pets' comfort and owners' peace of mind in their absence.

Dog Walking

Regular dog walking services tailored to the pet's pace, with attention to exercise and stimulation needs.

Competitive Pricing

Flexible negotiation of fees with a focus on the welfare of the animal rather than making a quick profit.


  • Offers competitive pricing with willingness to negotiate fees

  • Provides a range of services including pet sitting and dog walking

  • Personalized care plans with collection of detailed emergency contact and vet information

  • Experienced in administering special diets and medications to pets


  • Cancellation fee policy might be a concern for those with unpredictable schedules

  • Service area and specific offerings may not be as expansive as larger companies

Getting Started

Christy's Pet Care provides personalized pet sitting and overnight care, emphasizing individual attention. After signing up, Christy meets with clients to create a custom care plan, including emergency contacts and vet info. Services include dog walking and medication administration if needed. Start by contacting Christy's Pet Care through their website to arrange a consultation. Should Christy's Pet Care not be the right choice, browse through our rankings for more options.