About The Comforted Kitty

The Comforted Kitty stands out as a specialized pet sitting service that caters singularly to felines and their particular needs. This focus is a breath of fresh air in an industry that often caters primarily to dogs, with cats sometimes feeling like an afterthought. With their cat-centric approach, The Comforted Kitty offers a dedicated service that understands and appreciates the unique quirks and requirements of our feline friends.

One of the most notable features of The Comforted Kitty is its in-home sitting service, which ensures that cats remain in their familiar environment. This is a significant plus for pet owners who understand that their cats are territorial creatures, often stressed by changes in their surroundings. By staying at home, cats can maintain their regular routines and avoid the anxiety associated with boarding facilities. For cat owners, this service offers peace of mind, knowing their beloved pets are comfortable at home, with the added benefit of home security checks and updates from the sitter.

The professional touch of The Comforted Kitty is evident in their meticulous hiring process. Each sitter undergoes a thorough background check, ensuring trustworthiness and reliability. The company's commitment to professionalism is further highlighted by their comprehensive insurance and bonding, which safeguards both the client's pets and property. Furthermore, the personal meet-and-greet sessions with the assigned sitter before the service begins foster a sense of trust and personal care that is invaluable to pet owners.

The Comforted Kitty also shines in its communication and transparency. The use of an app to schedule services, update care instructions, and receive daily visit updates from the cat sitter is a testament to the company's modern approach to pet care. This level of detailed reporting, including photos and updates, allows owners to feel connected to their pets even when they’re away.

Their customer testimonials speak volumes, with clients expressing immense satisfaction in the service provided. From the stress-free environment to the attentive and loving care displayed by the sitters, it's clear that The Comforted Kitty is not just a service provider but a partner in pet care. The glowing reviews also underscore the sitters' ability to handle special care situations, such as administering medications, which is a crucial consideration for pet owners with cats that have health issues.

While the specialization in cat care is a strong selling point for The Comforted Kitty, it could also be seen as a limitation by those who have multiple types of pets. However, for cat owners, this focused expertise means receiving service from someone who truly understands the subtleties of cat behavior and care.

In sum, The Comforted Kitty's dedication to providing a stress-free and professional in-home cat sitting service makes it a standout choice for cat owners seeking peace of mind. Its specialized and personal approach, combined with the ease of use of its services, positions it as a top contender in the pet sitting industry for those who want their feline family members to receive the best care in the comfort of their own homes.

Products and Services

The Comforted Kitty offers a specialized in-home cat sitting experience with professional, insured, and thoroughly vetted sitters who provide personalized care and regular updates, ensuring felines remain stress-free in their own territory while owners are away.

In-Home Cat Sitting

A personalized service where a professional cat sitter cares for your cat in the comfort of your own home, ensuring a stress-free environment for your feline while you're away.

Daily Visit Updates

Receive regular updates on your cat's well-being, activities, and mood with daily visit updates, keeping you connected to your pet during your absence.

Meet & Greet with Cat Sitter

An opportunity to meet your assigned cat sitter before service begins, allowing for a personal connection and ensuring the sitter is a good fit for your cat and home.

Insured, Bonded, and Background Checked Sitters

Providing peace of mind with professional cat sitters who are thoroughly vetted, insured, and bonded for the safety and security of your pet and home.


  • Highly specialized in cat care with over 1000 satisfied clients

  • Offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and hundreds of five-star reviews

  • Provides flexible sitting hours and is licensed, insured, and bonded

  • Caters to multiple states including California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas


  • Services are specialized to cats, which may not cater to owners with other types of pets

  • May not offer as many ancillary services as other pet sitting companies

Getting Started

The Comforted Kitty specializes in cat care, offering in-home sitting services tailored to your feline's comfort. After signing up, you'll be matched with a professional sitter for a meet and greet to discuss your cat's needs and routine. They provide updates during each visit, ensuring peace of mind while you're away. To get started with The Comforted Kitty, reach out through their website to schedule services. If their offerings don't entirely meet your needs, our rankings include other top-notch pet care services.