About Spoiled Pooch

In the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, where the urban sprawl meets the companionship needs of its furry residents, Spoiled Pooch emerges as a boutique pet service with a heartfelt mission.

Founded in 2012 by Jeanetta Okoreeh, Spoiled Pooch has established itself as a dedicated provider of pet care, offering a range of services from dog walking to in-home pet sitting that caters to the Westside's discerning pet owners.

The company prides itself on going "above and beyond" for its clients, a mantra that resonates through its core values and customer testimonials.

The personalized attention that Spoiled Pooch provides is its standout feature. The team, comprised of animal enthusiasts like Justine, Kristin, and David, to name a few, is lauded for their reliability and affectionate care towards pets. They're not just pet sitters; they're pet lovers who have become an extended family to the animals they look after.

Spoiled Pooch's services are robust, covering everything from adventure packs, where dogs are taken on exciting excursions, to cat visits that offer the utmost comfort to feline friends.

Their overnight stays and in-home care options are particularly noteworthy for pet owners who prefer their pets to remain in their familiar environment when they're away. The company's detailed updates, complete with photos and videos, offer pet owners peace of mind, knowing their beloved companions are in good hands.

However, the depth of care provided by Spoiled Pooch doesn't come without a price tag. While the company doesn't explicitly mention its ranking within the industry, the premium services offered suggest that their costs might be on the higher side. But as any pet owner who's ever fretted over their pet's well-being knows, the peace of mind and trust in a pet care provider are often worth the investment.

In terms of improvement, one could argue that Spoiled Pooch might benefit from expanding its reach beyond the Westside to cater to a larger audience. Additionally, while the company boasts a fully insured and bonded service, a little more transparency about its processes and the specific training its team undergoes could help reinforce trust among new clients.

In a city teeming with pet care options, Spoiled Pooch distinguishes itself with a boutique experience that's personal, trustworthy, and evidently cherished by its clientele. Its commitment to pet happiness, backed by a passionate team, positions it as a top-tier choice for Los Angeles pet owners seeking a reliable partner in their pet's care.

Products and Services

Spoiled Pooch offers a boutique pet service experience with a range of personalized care options including adventurous group activities, in-home visits, and overnight sitting that focus on the individual needs and preferences of pets, ensuring they are treated like family and receive the love and attention they deserve in their own home environment or during exhilarating outdoor excursions.

Dog Walking

Spoiled Pooch provides personalized dog walks to suit each pet's needs, ensuring they have ample exercise and socialization.

Cat Visits

In-home cat visits cater to the unique care requirements of felines, allowing them to stay comfortable in their own environment with feeding, playtime, and litter cleaning.

Pack Adventures

Group adventure outings for dogs include exciting excursions like trail hikes and park visits, with pick-up and drop-off included in the service.


Two-hour group walks in safe areas provide socialization and exercise, with a shade and water break included for a fun and comfortable experience.


  • Established since 2012 offering experienced pet care in the Westside

  • Provides pack adventures and two-hour group walks for dogs

  • Personalized pet care with time-stamped GPS routes for added trust

  • Various pet sitting options including cat visits and in-home overnight care


  • Focused on a specific area which might not cover all clients in Los Angeles

  • Cancellation policy could be a drawback for those needing last-minute changes

Getting Started

Initiating service with Spoiled Pooch includes a free meet and greet, where you can discuss your pet's needs and preferences. They provide GPS-tracked dog walks, cat visits, in-home pet sitting, and more, with a focus on providing attention and care as if your pet were their own. To begin, visit Spoiled Pooch's website to book your meet and greet. If Spoiled Pooch doesn't align with your requirements, our rankings feature additional highly-rated companies to consider.