About Love Pet Care

Love Pet Care: A Trusted Partner for Your Furry Companions

When it comes to pet sitting services, pet owners often seek a blend of reliability, affection, and professionalism. Love Pet Care seems to embody these qualities, offering pet sitting and dog walking services that cater to the busy urbanites of New York City and Los Angeles. With over 21 years in the business, this company has built a reputation for providing meticulous care, evident in the loyalty and appreciation expressed by their clientele.

One of the standout attributes of Love Pet Care is its emphasis on creating a bond between the pet sitter and both the pet and owner. This personal touch is highlighted by the company's policy of allowing clients to request the same sitter, fostering a sense of consistency and trust. This approach not only caters to the pet's need for a familiar face but also gives owners peace of mind, a critical factor when entrusting the care of a beloved family member to a service provider.

The company's dedication shines through its comprehensive range of services. From daily dog walks that keep your canine companion fit and happy, to in-home pet sitting for the full spectrum of pets, including cats, fish, rabbits, and even the more exotic ones like albino Pointed Beverin rabbits or iguanas. Love Pet Care understands that pets thrive in their own environment, and their tailored approach ensures that routines are maintained, and pets are comfortable in their familiar surroundings.

The glowing testimonials on their website, coupled with an impressive 5-star rating, suggest that Love Pet Care is not just a company but a community of pet lovers. Their attentive office staff and pet sitters receive commendations for their conscientious service, reflecting a corporate culture that values both the pets and their owners.

Another commendable aspect is the company's use of technology to enhance their services. GPS-tracked walks provide transparency and allow pet owners to see the routes taken with their dogs, while detailed post-visit reports keep them informed and connected to their pets' activities and wellbeing.

While Love Pet Care seems to have many strengths, potential clients should also consider their specific needs and preferences. For instance, those looking for specialized care or dealing with pets that have particular medical requirements might want to ensure that Love Pet Care's sitters have the appropriate expertise. Additionally, while personalization is a benefit, it could come with a higher price tag compared to more standardized services.

In distinguishing itself from other companies in the pet sitting space, Love Pet Care appears to offer a boutique experience that prioritizes individual attention and emotional connection. This is in contrast to some national chains that may focus on a broader spectrum of services but with potentially less individualization.

In conclusion, Love Pet Care has built a service that seems to resonate deeply with its clientele, cultivating relationships that extend beyond mere pet care. Their commitment to personalization, coupled with a robust offering of services, positions them as a potentially excellent choice for pet owners seeking a reliable partner in the care of their beloved companions.

Products and Services

Love Pet Care offers a comprehensive and personalized pet care experience, with a variety of services that includes walks, in-home sitting, and specialized attention for both dogs and cats, ensuring that all pets are treated as beloved family members and receive dedicated care tailored to their unique needs.

Dog Walking

Regular dog walking services with the option to track the route, ensuring your dog gets their daily dose of exercise and exploration.

In-Home Pet Sitting

Personalized sitting in the comfort of your pet's home environment, providing all the attention and playtime they desire.

Cat Sitting

Specialized cat sitting services that cater to your feline's personality and needs, including playtime, fresh meals, and litterbox cleaning.

Unique Pet Care Visits

Attentive visits catering to the specific needs of unique pets, from tropical fish to rare rabbits and more, with experienced caregivers.


  • Over two decades of experience in personalized pet care services

  • Offers a range of services including overnight stays and specialized care for small animals

  • Highly-rated with a 5.0 rating on Google Reviews based on over 130 reviews

  • Maintains a consistency in care with the option for the same sitter for each visit


  • May be more expensive than other services due to the high level of personalization

  • The website does not provide specifics on service area limitations

Getting Started

Signing up with Love Pet Care ensures a process where every sitter is an animal lover, ensuring a reliable and professional experience. They offer a variety of services, including pet sitting, dog walking, and care for other small animals. You can expect regular updates with detailed post-visit reports. Start by visiting Love Pet Care's website to complete the signup form and schedule a meet-and-greet. If Love Pet Care doesn't suit your preferences, remember to review the rest of our rankings for an alternative.