About Animal Magnetism Pet Professionals

When looking for exceptional pet care services, Animal Magnetism Pet Professionals stands out in the bustling Los Angeles area. Since 1999, this company has dedicated itself to providing loving and reliable services to family pets, tailoring their approach to meet the individual needs of each pet and their owner.

Their comprehensive offerings include dog walking, pet sitting, beach excursions, pet washing, and even a pet taxi service, ensuring a full spectrum of care that goes beyond the basics.

A unique feature that sets Animal Magnetism apart is their Beach Excursion service, which promises a delightful day at the beach for dogs, complete with a bath. This highlights their understanding of the importance of not just exercise, but also the joy of a novel experience for pets.

Their professional pet care professionals are thorough in their services, from individual walks to ensuring pets are well-cared for in the comfort of their own homes, highlighting their commitment to pet happiness and owner peace of mind.

Their team is professionally trained, CPR certified, and background-checked, providing reassurance to pet owners of the trustworthiness and preparedness of the staff. The company's services are not only comprehensive but also personalized.

The staff's genuine affinity for animals shines through in testimonials from clients who note the evident joy and excitement of their pets following services rendered by Animal Magnetism.

While the company offers a fantastic array of services, it's worth noting that their extensive offerings can be a bit overwhelming to navigate initially. However, the effort to understand the variety of services is well worth it, given the high level of care and attention to detail provided.

Their online booking and payment system adds convenience, although some may find a personal touch in the booking process preferable.

In comparison to other pet sitting services, Animal Magnetism provides a boutique experience that emphasizes personal attention and a bond between pet and sitter. For pet owners looking for more than just a routine check-in for their pets, this company offers an experience that ensures pets are not just looked after, but are also given opportunities to enjoy enriching activities.

In conclusion, Animal Magnetism Pet Professionals offers a robust and heartfelt service to pet owners in the Los Angeles region who are looking for reliable, comprehensive pet care. Their commitment to pet happiness, coupled with their wide range of specialized services, makes them a standout provider in the pet sitting industry. While they may not be the only option available, their dedication to excellence and the glowing testimonials of many satisfied clients make them a worthy consideration for those seeking top-notch pet care.

Products and Services

Animal Magnetism Pet Professionals offers a comprehensive suite of pet care services that cater to the individual needs of pets, including personalized walks, socialization opportunities, in-home sitting, enjoyable excursions, convenient transportation, and grooming, all designed to ensure pets are well-exercised, cared for, and content in their familiar surroundings or while exploring new environments.

Individual Walks

Private, one-on-one local neighborhood walk tailored to meet the dog's specific needs, varying from 15-60 minutes.

Pack Walking

Group walk that provides socialization and exercise, enhancing leash manners around people and dogs.

Pet Sitting Visits

In-home care for various pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds, ensuring they stay comfortable in their own environment.

Beach Excursion

Monthly beach day trips where dogs can enjoy swimming, digging, running, and fetching, including a bath and transportation.


  • Unique services like beach excursions for dogs including bath and transportation

  • Flexible dog walking services with options for pack walking and individual walks

  • Serves a variety of pets including cats with up to 13 days of consecutive care

  • Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR, ensuring high safety standards


  • Some services like beach excursions may not be suitable for all pets or owner preferences

  • May not have as many service area locations as other larger companies

Getting Started

With Animal Magnetism Pet Professionals, the first step after signing up is a 'Meet and Greet' session to familiarize the staff with you and your pet's routine. They offer a range of services, including beach excursions, individual dog walks, and pet sitting visits, with a team of CPR-certified and background-checked professionals. To get started, book your appointment on the Animal Magnetism Pet Professionals website. If this service doesn't seem to be the perfect match, you can check out our other top-ranked companies.