About LA Pet Sitting

LA Pet Sitting has established itself as a premier in-home pet care service that caters to the diverse needs of urban pet owners in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. With a focus on providing personalized attention to pets in their own homes, the company offers a suite of services that includes dog walking, cat sitting, dog sitting, and even dog hiking, among others. This broad range of services is a testament to the company's commitment to accommodating the varied lifestyles and schedules of LA pet owners, ensuring that pets are not just cared for, but are also given the opportunity to thrive in their familiar environment.

One standout feature of LA Pet Sitting is its meticulous vetting process for staff. By carefully screening, training, and managing their team of pet care providers, the company assures pet owners of the highest level of personalized care. This attention to quality staffing is crucial, as it directly impacts the trust and peace of mind that clients have in the service. Knowing that their furry friends are in the hands of animal lovers who are not just capable but also compassionate, makes all the difference.

The convenience offered by LA Pet Sitting cannot be overstated. The urban lifestyle is notoriously hectic, and having a reliable pet sitting service that can adapt to tight schedules is invaluable. The company's understanding of this dynamic is reflected in their flexible scheduling and the breadth of their service area, which spans Northeast LA, Downtown, Eastside, Westside, Hollywood, Glendale, Pasadena, and even into the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys.

Yet, convenience and a wide array of services would mean little without genuine care. LA Pet Sitting's approach to pet care is compassionate and comprehensive. Their sitters are not just there to perform a set of tasks; they are trained to understand and cater to the individual personalities and needs of each pet. This level of attentiveness ensures that pets are not just being "sat" but are also given the affection and engagement they would receive from their own families.

However, no company is without areas for growth. While LA Pet Sitting has a robust service offering, potential clients might appreciate more transparency regarding pricing and specific details on the duration and content of visits. Additionally, while the company seems to have a strong local presence, expanding their online testimonials and third-party reviews could further strengthen their reputation and help new clients feel more secure in their choice.

In comparison to other pet sitting services in the industry, LA Pet Sitting stands out for its local touch and specialized knowledge of the LA area's unique urban demands. Their affiliation with the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) also underscores their commitment to industry standards and animal advocacy, which can be a significant deciding factor for pet owners who prioritize professionalism and ethical service.

In conclusion, for Los Angeles residents in need of reliable, caring pet services, LA Pet Sitting presents a compelling option. Their comprehensive service range, highly-vetted staff, and personalized care plans offer a strong alternative to traditional kennels or less specialized pet care options. While there's always room for enhancement, particularly in expanding their online presence and transparency, LA Pet Sitting's dedication to providing peace of mind and a happy home environment for pets is evident and commendable.

Products and Services

LA Pet Sitting provides a comprehensive range of in-home pet care services, specializing in personalized attention and stress-free experiences for a variety of pets including dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits, catering to the unique needs of each animal and offering peace of mind to pet owners in the Los Angeles area.

Dog Walking

A service providing dog walks to cater to the exercise needs of pets, ensuring they remain active and healthy.

Cat Sitting

In-home care service for cats, offering stress-free and personalized attention while the owner is away.

Dog Sitting

A tailored service ensuring dogs are taken care of in their home environment with individual care and attention.

Dog Hiking

An adventurous outing for dogs, providing them with excitement and activity beyond the usual walk.


  • Established local business since 2006 with a focus on the Los Angeles area

  • Offers tailored pet care visits and collaborates with local animal rescue groups

  • Comprehensive pet sitting services including dog hiking and rabbit sitting

  • Detailed employment application form indicating thorough vetting of staff


  • Minimum reservation requirement may not be ideal for short-term or spontaneous needs

  • While services are extensive, the company may not be as widely recognized as larger franchises

Getting Started

LA Pet Sitting's sign-up process connects you with a network of professional pet care providers throughout Los Angeles. Offering dog walking, cat sitting, and tailored pet care visits, they ensure a stress-free experience for you and your pets. To get started, book a consultation or visit via LA Pet Sitting's website. And if LA Pet Sitting isn't the perfect match for your pet care needs, feel free to explore other services featured in our rankings.